TK-8 District of Choice

Field Trip Notification


Are your students attending a field trip? Don't forget to notify CNS of how many students will be out that day. Please always allow two weeks notice when possible.

CNS also provides bag lunches for any students who need them. Bag lunches will be charged to student's lunch account at the same rate they qualify for the school lunch program. In order to protect the meal eligibility confidentiality of the students, please do not ask who is qualified as free, reduced or paid. Ask the entire classroom for a show of hands if they would like to order a bag lunch on field trip day. Please only order a bag lunch for the students who request one. Bag lunches ordered but not used will be charged to the classroom.

Bag lunches can generally be picked up in the cafeteria serving area before school. Rosters with instructions will be included with the bag lunches and must be returned to the CNS staff after the lunches have been dispersed. The rosters will be used to charge the appropriate lunch accounts and for federal and state school meal claims. Please contact CNS with any questions or concerns.

Form D-142: Field Trip Notification Form

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.  Read Nondiscrimination Statement.