Budget Advisory Committee

The Evergreen School District established a Budget Advisory Committee beginning the 2014-2015 school year. The Committee is comprised of 15 community members representing the following groups: parents/community members (5), teachers (4), classified employees (3), and administrators (3). Committee members will learn about the District’s budget development process, share information with respective stakeholder groups and make appropriate recommendations for the Superintendent’s consideration in the Budget Development Process.

The Committee will be chaired by the District’s Chief Business Officer (CBO) and will initially meet every other month. The Committee will adopt by-laws to govern membership term and roles and responsibilities. Employees will be selected for membership by their respective associations and parents/community members will be selected by the CBO based on their experience and knowledge of accounting and/or finance.

If you are a parent or community member and are interested in helping get this committee launched, please submit a letter of interest to Kim McNiven, Business Services Specialist kmcniven@eesd.org. Be sure to include your education and/or experiences in the field of accounting or finance; your experiences, if any, working in schools or the public sector; and your desire for serving.

Meeting Documents

View Budget Advisory Committee meeting documents below including presentations, agendas and minutes.