Quimby Oak Middle School
3190 Quimby Road
San Jose, CA 95148
Phone 408-270-6735
Fax 408-223-4533
Principal: Phil Bond
Assistant Principal (A-H): Hilda Keller
Assistant Principal (I -P) : Ginger George
Assistant Principal (Q-Z): Loan Dinh
Site Director (LSI) : Ryan Hansen-Vera

Attendance Secretary: Sharon Pinter
Office Manager: Regina Zamora
Report Absences: 408-270-6735

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Quimby Oak Middle School offers two unique options for its students. When entering 7th grade, students will have the option to choose which educational style fits them best. There are two programs available, Lobo Comprehensive Program (LCP) and Lobo School of Innovation (LSI).

Both programs offer rigors common core standards being taught in the classes by highly qualified teachers. Both programs also offer a collaborative teaching model.

LCP has content specific teacher teams who collaborate together throughout the year to best support the students that travel to all their classrooms. LSI offers a co-teaching model that allows for the students to learn with two teachers per room in a dual learning environment. LSI also has a specific learning method that is implemented in every class. LSI uses Project Based Learning (PBL) as the method of delivery to teach the common core standards and engage students.

Both programs offer technology usage to enhance their education. What makes LSI unique is the 1:1 tech to student ratio as well as the teaching model that is used.

The important part to note, is that we are one unified middle school. All students have equal access to PE, electives, school programs, athletics, clubs, etc. As a Lobo, students have choice in their academic program. Offering differentiated academic programs for students to choose makes our middle school cutting edge, students centered and inclusive to all learners. At Quimby, we are proud of our diverse academic programs and we strive to create a middle school experience that engages every student!

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