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Measure T

Measure T (Parcel)

What is Measure T?

On November 4, 2008, citizens of the Evergreen community approved Measure T; a $90 per year parcel tax which will be used by the Evergreen School District to support small class sizes, build art and music programs, enhance science and math opportunities for students and ensure safety at school sites.

The tax is assessed on all parcels within the boundaries of the Evergreen Elementary School District. A Citizens Oversight Committee ensures that all expenditures of parcel tax funds are used to support the priorities of the Measure.

One of the features of the tax is a senior exemption for those property owners who are 65 years of age or older and who occupy the parcel as their principal residence. Seniors who are interested in this exemption are encouraged to visit the Senior Exemption link.    

Click here to view Senior Exemption frequently asked questions

Click here to download the Senior Exemption Form

What is Measure T?

Measure T is a parcel tax that was approved by Evergreen voters in 2008. It authorizes a $90 assessment on all parcels within the Evergreen School District. Measure T generates approximately $2.2 million each year for Evergreen schools.

Does everyone pay $90 per year?

All parcel owners are required to pay the $90 per year. A senior exemption is offered to parcel owners who are aged 65 or older and whose Evergreen property is their primary residence.

When does Measure T expire?

Measure T expires in June 2014.

Who oversees Measure T?

A Citizens Oversight Committee made up of parents and community members oversees Measure T expenditures. This committee makes an annual report to the Board of Trustees each year.

Where can I get voter information about Measure T?,_Measure_T_(November_2008)

Did the Evergreen School District maintain its promise to keep kindergarten – grade 3 class sizes small?

The ballot language stated that the District would maintain the Class Size Reduction program. When the State budget crisis hit, the State amended the Class Size Reduction program to allow K-3 class sizes to go from 20 to 24 students. Evergreen has kept its promise to maintain the Class Size Reduction program.

How many kindergarten through grade 3 classes have benefitted from CSR?

All kindergarten through grade 3 classes, in all fifteen elementary schools have benefitted.

Where do Measure T dollars go?

Measure T dollars support the Class Size Reduction (CSR), Music and Art Programs (A&M), Science and Math Instruction (S&M), and Safety (S). Below is a recap that details Measure T expenditures over its 5 - year life and which area of the


How and when was Measure T information reported out?

Representatives from the Measure T Citizens’ Oversight Committee makes a report to the Evergreen Board of Trustees each November.

Have the monies for Measure T ever been diverted to other general budget line items, purposes, district salaries, etc, other than those indicated on the ballot?


How do we as parents or voters know what the oversight or governance is for Measure T?

Board of Trustee meeting agendas and minutes are posted and archived on the District website. The minutes for November 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 will reflect the annual Measure T Citizen Oversight Committee report.




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