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Katherine Smith Elementary School

2025 Clarice Drive
San Jose, CA 95122-1204
(408) 270 - 6751 (phone)
(408) 270 - 6877 (fax)
Principal: Aaron Brengard
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SARC Report
Welcome Back Letter (English|Spanish|Vietnamese)

Principal’s Message

Katherine Smith School opened in 1962 and over the last fifty years has had a rich and diverse history with the Evergreen School District. The second school in the District, we have been recognized as both a California Distinguished School (1987 and 2002) and a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence (1988). We want to preserve the great tradition of this school while creating an innovative learning environment to better prepare our children for this ever-changing world.

In 2012, Katherine Smith School was reinvented to meet the needs of the 21st century learner with a deeper learning focus to engage students through purposeful, project-based approaches, integrated instructional technology to enable access to needed tools, and a strong school culture to empower our children to be great citizens of the world.

Over the past few years, our work has brought praise and validation from organizations and visitors from across the globe. The ambitious and creative work of our students has kept us at the forefront of innovation. Using project-based learning, teachers will continue to design and refine comprehensive and challenging learning experiences for students.

Katherine Smith School is a New Tech Network School (since 2013), a No Excuses University (Since 2013), a Partnership for 21st Century Learning Exemplar (2013), a National Champion School (2014), and a Buck Institute for Education Project-Based Learning Champion (2017).

Vision Statement

Katherine Smith School will be the model of excellence for 21st century learning and community service.

Mission Statement

At Katherine Smith Elementary, we prepare each student to think, learn, work, communicate, collaborate, and contribute effectively now and throughout his or her life.

Core Values

  • We believe all children can learn at high levels, regardless of their race, socioeconomic background, language, or family situation.
  • We want our school to be a safe, healthy, supportive, and nurturing environment for the whole community.
  • We believe in a cooperative and distributed leadership.
  • We are reflective, collaborative, and innovative with our practice.
  • We are all willing to take risks to solve any challenge.

2016 – 2017 Goals

  • We want active engagement in deeper learning experiences through project based learning in order to develop students into thinkers, learners, workers, communicators, collaborators, and contributors.
  • We want all students to demonstrate and apply foundational mastery in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • We want socially and emotionally balanced students who can adapt and manage emotions across a variety of settings.
  • We want to connect families to supports and resources and increase participation in school and community.

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