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LeyVa Middle School

1865 Monrovia Drive
San Jose, CA 95122-1505
(408) 270 - 4993 (phone)
(408) 270 - 5462 (fax)
Principal: Jim Sherman
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Welcome Back Letter (English|Spanish|Vietnamese)

Principal’s Message

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to LeyVa Middle School and the 2015-16 school year! The staff here at LeyVa has prepared an exciting and challenging curriculum for our students. We are excited about working with our students and helping them be the best they can be.

This year’s school-wide motto is “A Journey to Success.” Plan on seeing and hearing this inspirational term often this school year. Created by our students, this theme speaks of the process it takes to be successful. Our students must be prepared for the rigor and challenges of the future. They must possess 21st century skills to ensure they will be competitive in this ever-changing world. Our incredible Associated Student Body Officers will lead their peers in this effort:

President- Gialan Huynh

Vice President- Hillary Kong

Secretary- Sophia Nguyen

Treasurer- Duyen Pham

Spirit Commissioners- Kathy Huynh and Austin Phuong Vu

The transition to Common Core State Standards, with their emphasis on depth over breadth, is the focus of our upgraded curriculum and questioning strategies. Our math offerings reflect this in Common Core Math 7 and 8 for those respective grade levels. In language arts and history/social studies, shared teaching partnerships in those subjects will blend meaningful content and build relevance. Science will be looking at an upcoming, new curriculum in the form of Next Generation Science Standards, emphasizing an integrated learning progression. Bulldog Tech will continue to provide a unique, 21st century learning environment with its model program and novel approach.

In terms of emotional and social development, let’s not forget our continued work with Building Effective Schools Together (BEST) practices in our maintenance of a positive school climate. Here, the behavioral motto is “Be Responsible! Be Respectful! Be Ready!” All of us are here to empower students and to help them become secure, confident people who will be able to handle anything that comes their way. Most importantly is the key role the students themselves play. We will be their partners on the journey, but they must remember it is their journey.  

Once again welcome to LeyVa Middle School. I look forward to working with our students and their families.  Please keep abreast of school news and happenings by being faithful readers of our school newsletter and School Loop. If you have not already done so, if you are a parent or guardian, please register for the Parent Portal. For assistance with any of these methods of communication, contact our school office at 408-270-4992.

Thank you to Dolores Garcia who dedicated many years to LeyVa working with our students and families.


James D. Sherman, Principal LeyVa Middle School



Mission Statement

Each student will experience success at LeyVa in academics and extra-curricular activities. Self-esteem, through academic and extra-curricular achievement, is the basis of success in school and in the community. All LeyVa students will have abundant opportunities for recognition and achievement, thereby building confidence and a sense of self-worth as evidenced by their contributions to our school.

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