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Cedar Grove Elementary School

2702 Sugarplum Drive
San Jose, CA 95148-2042
(408) 270 - 4958 (phone)
(408) 223 - 4852 (fax)
Principal: Lea Peery
School Website
SARC Report
Welcome Back Letter (English|Vietnamese)

Mission Statement

To nurture the intellectual, physical and emotional capabilities of each child.

School Philosophy

  1. All children can learn 
  2. Each child will experience progress at his own rate
  3. Rates of achievement vary – some children will need more experience to reach objectives
  4. The school curriculum should provide successful experiences for each child
  5. Each child has a direct responsibility for his own learning

School Goals

  1. To encourage a positive attitude toward learning
  2. To develop academic literacy
  3. To provide the opportunity for developing a positive self-image
  4. To promote better understanding and communication between home, school, and the community
  5. To provide aesthetic and cultural experiences
  6. To foster positive interaction among all school community members

As part of the continuous improvement process, we will continue to work to achieve our mission and goals.  We will continue to engage in conversations to make certain that our common values and core beliefs about what students should know and be able to achieve are in constant alignment with the district and state standards.

Lea Peery

Evergreen School District

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