Board profile: Leila Welch
Posted 03/09/2017 08:58AM

Demi Khoury

Last November saw someone new elected to the Board of Trustees, someone who is certainly no stranger to the District. Leila Welch joined the Board shortly after retiring from her role as principal at Matsumoto and a long career with Evergreen. The school board's willingness to constantly improve and to most effectively support Evergreen schools is a value shared by Welch in her respect for the school district. She states, "I chose to run for the Evergreen School Board because I knew I could add significant value to the board's goals given my 38 years of educating children of which 18 years were in the Evergreen Elementary School District as an assistant principal and principal."

Throughout Welch's long and accomplished time in the school district, she has certainly not lost her passion for the community, rather her care and appreciation has only grown throughout her journey. She reflects, "I have lived in this wonderful community for 20 years and my daughter attended Evergreen Schools from Kindergarten through eighth grade. I've had the opportunity to lift our children to higher levels of academic success as well as the opportunity to lead exceptional schools."

Welch comes from humble beginnings, born and raised in Vallejo, CA to two hard working parents. After graduating high school, Welch became a student at San Jose State University where she earned a Pupil Service Credential and Teaching Credential. She later earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology and an Administrative Services Credential from National University. Welch's educational accomplishments shine through in her past work experiences as a teacher, counselor, assistant principal, and principal.

From her various positions, Welch has acquired passion and motivation toward her work. She reflects, "I know what it takes to educate the whole child and for students to be successful and I know this from my personal experience as a student, parent, teacher, counselor, and administrator." Her passion is what makes her tick and why she resonates with the Evergreen School Board's mission statement.

Welch has served on the Evergreen School District's Board of Trustees since December of 2016 and has thoroughly enjoyed her short time thus far. Regarding her role on the Board of Trustees she explains, "...what I have enjoyed most is listening and working with parents about the successes and concerns regarding their school communities. I really enjoy attending various school programs and activities where our student's talents are being displayed."

As for the future, Welch's motivation persists onward as she plans to serve her community as a board member that can bring first-hand experience and knowledge to the team. She specifically states, "As a board member, I am dedicated to being informed on the issues and making the appropriate decisions on legal mandates; sound district systems, useful resources, and healthy budgetary matters to ensure every child's right to an equitable public education."